Grade Levels
Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

Teachers will have their specific lists in the fall.

Assignment book/agenda

Composition book

Small pencil sharpener

Headphones for class use

4 packs notebook paper

50-75 pencils (yep, really!)

Hand sanitizer

Scissors and glue



6th grade *Standard* Classes:  General Supply List


5 Composition Notebooks

4 Subject Spiral Notebooks
5 Pocket Folders
Colored Pencils
Post It Notes
Index Cards
2  1" to 1.5"  Binder with Pockets
4+ Glue Sticks
Pack of 5 Dividers for Binder
Book Cover
Wide Ruled Notebook Paper 


For Homeroom

3 boxes of tissue

Hand Sanitizer

Disinfecting Wipes (Lysol, Clorox, etc)

Roll of Paper Towels


 6th and 7th grade *Cambridge* Classroom Supply List
(2) 1" Three Ring Binders for ELA and Math (Clear Pocket Front Preferred)
(1) 2" Three Ring Binder for Science and Social Studies (Clear Pocket Front Preferred)
(1) Five Star 3-subject Spiral Notebook
(3) Packages of 5-Tab Dividers
(4) Packages of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
(1) Package of Graph Paper
Pencil Pouch/Box
(1) Pair of Earbuds that can fit inside pencil pouch/box
Plenty of Pencils
(2) Packages of Multi-Color Highlighters
 Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
Cap Erasers
(1) 4-pack of Expo Black Dry-Erase Markers
(1) Box of Colored Pencils
(1) Package of Markers (Example:  Crayola 8 pack)
(1) Pair of Scissors
(4) Glue Sticks
Homeroom Required Supplies 
(1) Package of Index Cards
(2-3) Boxes of Kleenex
Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Wipes
Paper Towels
Ziploc Bags (Boys - Quart, Girls - Gallon) 
Classroom Wish List
Large Hot Glue Sticks
Cardstock (any color)
Poster Board
Scotch Tape
Black Sharpies
M&Ms and Skittles (Math Magic) 
*Students may need other items and novels not listed for various assignments throughout the year.  Individual teachers will have more information. 

7th Grade *Standard* Class Supply List


• 3 Packs of Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (College Ruled)

• Pencils

• Pencil sharpener with cover to catch shavings

• Colored pencils (12 pack)

• Highlighters

• Glue Sticks

Two packs of dividers 

• Pencil Pouch/Box

• Four 1.5" three-ring binders (for Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies)

• Two Composition Notebooks



• 1 USB Thumb Drive/Flash Drive (student will keep)

• Calculator – TI-30 XIIS (student will keep)

For Homeroom: 
•  Hand Sanitizer
•  Roll of Paper Towels
•  Disinfecting Wipes 
• 3 boxes of Kleenex


8th grade Supply List 

• Ink pens  (blue, black and red)

• Pencils and cap erasers

• Notebook paper

• Graph paper for math class (both standard and Integrated Math I)

• Four 1-2” binders for Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA classes

• 3 sets of dividers with pockets to be used in each binder

• 2 composition notebooks

• Highlighters

• Colored pencils

Construction paper for science class

• Dry erase markers


For Homeroom:

• 3 boxes of tissue

• Hand sanitizer

• Disinfecting wipes

• Roll of Paper Towels 


8th grade *Cambridge* Physical Science Lab Supply WISH List


• Duct Tape

• Hot Glue Gun glue

• Index Cards

• Ziploc Bags (Any Size)

• Colored copy paper

• Masking Tape

• Plastic, Styrofoam or Dixie Cups

• Plastic forks or spoons

• Please save paper towel rolls for a project we will be doing later this year.

• Other supplies may be needed as we do various activities and projects